Intelligently designed LED replacement lamp for all PAR 56 and PAR 64 housings

Apelight PAR 56/64

  • The ApeLight PAR 56-64 is an intelligent 45 watt RGBW LED replacement light source
  • build-in colors/programs and MusikMode

Just remove the ordinary envelope or raylight and replace it with the ApeLight PAR 56-64 light source. The result is an high technology LED lightsource in your existing PAR housing and its ready for a lot of versatile applications.

It can be controlled by the Ape Labs 2,4 GHz remote control or by the W-APE wireless DMX transceiver or W-APP Bluetooth DMX transceiver. With the W-APP you can control it with your smartphone or tablet.

Versatile applications are possible by the installed 3 x 15 watts RGBW LEDs and the 10 degree optics. A couple of colors, programs and effects can be chosen by the remote control. The MusikMode provides fast access in case of a different atmosphere. A speed and dim function are as well possible by the remote control. The ApeLight PAR 56-64 provides a 4 group controlling management to control several lights differently in one radio range.


All Ape Labs products are compatible with each other and can be controlled by the same Remote Control, W-APP or W-APE Transceiver. All colors and programs match across the different device types. Ape Labs devices communicate with each other to produce an uniform light image and to forward the radio signals to remote devices.

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Scope of Delivery
Measurements/Tech Specs



  • 3 x 15 watts RGBW LED
  • Fits in all ordinary PAR 56 and PAR 64 housings
  • Built-in predetermined breaking point to reduce the size from PAR 64 to PAR 56
  • 10 degree optics
  • build-in colors and programs with controllable speed
  • dimmable
  • MusikMode with auto gain from internal microphone or from a central microphone of a W-APE or W-APP transceiver
  • 4 Group Management
  • smartphone control with the W-APP
  • internal radio module for control by the Remote Control, W-APP or W-APE (4 DMX universes are possible)
  • multiple DMX modes: 3 channel (Dimmer, Program, Speed); 4 channel (RGBW 8Bit); 8 channel (RGBW 16Bit)
  • SETUP-button on surface-top for setup DMX-and group parameters
  • Splashproof; Insulated electronic against temporary infiltration of liquids
  • Built-in Meanwell power supply 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz
  • Light source turns on automatically by connected power cord
  • Prepared electrical connector (WAGO) for mains operation
  • Made in Germany


Scope of Delivery


(Art.No. 1078, EAN 4260482880521)

  • 1x ApeLight PAR 56-64 light source

(Ape Labs remote control or wireless DMX (W-APE / W-APP) are not in scope of delivery. You need just one remote, W-APP or W-APE to control an endless quantity of units. Compatible with all Ape Labs products since 2014.)

Measurements/Tech Specs


  • Diameter PAR 56 edge: 177,8 mm
  • Diameter PAR 64 edge: 203,2 mm
  • Installation depth (height): 56 mm
  • Weight: 0,382 kg