Uplighting won´t get any easier!

ApeLight Maxi

  • The ApeLight Maxi with 45 watt LED power
  • The Ape Labs bestseller!
  • At least 14 hours of battery life on “full white” power

The ApeLight maxi is a battery powered uplighting fixture. This remarkably small and lightweight fixture produces a more intense wash effect than any other in its class. 

This light fits endless applications thanks to its 3 x 15 watts RGBW LEDs and its 10 degree optics.

You can use the ApeLight maxi for traditional uplighting or use it to highlight elements of your venue. The housing is made of tough stainless steel. The surface is made of 5 mm strong acrylic glass. A mechanical load weight of 70 kg on the top of the unit is no problem. The electronic in the inside is insulated against temporary infiltration of liquids. A mounting bracket for trussing applications or to adjust the view angle for uplighting is in scope of delivery.


The ApeLight maxi is a battery operated led spotlight which can be controlled by the Ape Labs 2,4 GHz remote control, the W-APE or the W-APP

The MusikMode is easily accessible in case of the event switches fast to a dance party. A speed and dimm function are as well available by the remote control. As always you can have 4 groups to control several lights differently in one radio range. With the W-APP you can control your ApeLight Maxi with your smartphone or tablet.



All Ape Labs products are compatible with each other and can be controlled by the same Remote Control, W-APP or W-APE Transceiver. All colors and programs match across the different device types. Ape Labs devices communicate with each other to produce an uniform light image and to forward the radio signals to remote devices.

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Scope of Delivery
Measurements/Tech Specs



  • 45-watt RGBW LED
  • 10-degree optic
  • At least fourteen hours per charge
  • Color roll, chaser programs, and MusikMode
  • Speed control
  • Dimming capability
  • Four-group management
  • 2.4 GHz remote controllable
  • smartphone control with the W-APP
  • W-APE wireless DMX controllable (four DMX universes are possible)
  • Water resistance (splash-proof product)


Scope of Delivery

Set of 1 (Art.No. 1060, EAN 4260482880408)

1 x ApeLight maxi
1 x Ape Labs remote control (2.4 Ghz)
1 x bracket
1 x charger 100-240 V.
Batteries are already installed at the factory (NiMh)

Set of 2 (Art.No. 1065, EAN 4260482880446)

2 x ApeLight maxi
1 x Ape Labs remote control (2.4 Ghz)
2 x brackets
2 x charger 100-240 V.
Batteries are already installed at the factory (NiMh)

Single Unit (Art.No. 1059, EAN 4260482880392)

1 x ApeLight maxi
1 x bracket
Batteries are already installed at the factory (NiMh)


Measurements/Tech Specs


  • ApeLight maxi: 13,5 x 13,5 x 6,5 cm
  • Bracket: 14 x 12 cm
  • Weight: 1,5 kg
  • Weight & size of the packaging depends on delivery scope

Apelight Maxi in action

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