The fourth generation of the legendary MobiLight

Mobilight 4

  • Battery-powered, unique lamp for that special occasion
  • Unique effects, thanks to 3 individually controllable LEDs

The MobiLight 4 is an LED battery spotlight designed for professional applications. It impresses with its three separately controllable LEDs. In combination with the effect lens, this produces extraordinary lighting effects. The beam angle can be changed between 10 degrees and 160 degrees by moving the effect lens. Also by turning the effect lens, a light cone with contours or uniform lighting can be created. Without the optics, the MobiLight 4 illuminates the entire room.

The headlight operates for at least eight hours on a single charge. The batteries in the device are charged using the supplied power pack. The headlight can also be operated indefinitely with or without batteries on the power supply.

You can control the MobiLight 4 with the Ape Labs 2.4 GHz radio remote control, via wireless DMX with the Ape Labs W-APE or W-APP wireless DMX transceiver, or directly via DMX (cable). When controlled by DMX, the spotlight can also be used as a W-APE wireless DMX transmitter. (In this case, the signals received via cable are transmitted to all other Ape Labs products by radio.) When controlled via W-APP wireless DMX, the DMX data are also output at the DMX socket, meaning third-party devices can be controlled via DMX as well.

The preconfigured programs, colors, and speeds offer the right lighting for every event. The device also has MusikMode. This is controlled by an internal microphone that automatically adjusts to any volume.


All Ape Labs products are compatible with each other and can be controlled with the same remote control, W-APP or W-APE transceiver. All colors and programs are coordinated. Ape Labs devices communicate with each other to create a uniform appearance and to transmit the radio signals to faraway devices.

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Scope of Delivery
Measurements/Tech Specs



  • Three 15-watt RGBW LEDs
  • High efficiency, due to spherical and Fresnel lenses
  • LC display
  • Internal colors and programs with adjustable speed
  • Dimming capability
  • MusikMode feature, with audio pulled from the internal microphone or the central microphone of a W-APE transceiver
  • Internal radio module for remote control and W-APE wireless DMX (four DMX universes possible)
  • Capability to be used as a wireless DMX transmitter (W-APE / W-APP)
  • W-APE wireless DMX serves as output at the DMX socket
  • Four-group management with control by remote or W-APE or W-APP
  • Three-pin Neutrik XLR sockets for DMX (input and output)
  • Different DMX modes: three channels (dimmer, program, speed); twelve channels (three times RGBW 8 bit); twenty-four channels (three times RGBW 16 bit)
  • Battery life of at least eight hours (with recommended batteries)


Scope of Delivery



Mobilight 4 (Art.No.1000, EAN 4260482880002)

1x MobiLight 4
1x ball lens unit
1x magnetic holder for lenses
1x effect lens
1x rain jacket
1x power supply (charger) 100-240 V.

Batteries are not included. Twenty AA/NiMH cells are required for each MobiLight 4. (2,700 mAh capacity is recommended.)


Measurements/Tech Specs

  • MobiLight 4: 19.7 x 19.7 x 5.6 cm
  • Weight: 2,5 kg (weight incl. batteries)
  • Power requirement: 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz

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